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Sundial House, Holmwood
The Sundial House in Holmwood, Dorking was built by Arnold Dunbar-Smith, (architect also of The Mary Ward House in Tavistock St, London) especially for The Espérance Girls who would accompany

Suffragette Movement
Votes for Women: A Timeline 'Votes for Women' - a timeline about the suffragette movement and WSPU, compiled by Lyn Haill for the National Theatre’s programme for Rebecca

Espérance Book, Part 1 - signatures of the Espérance girls
A copy of The Espérance Book in Holborn Library is signed by many dancers perhaps away for a weekend, including Jessie Kenney, Annie Kenney's sister. View the enlarged signatures as a PDF.

'Shoulder to Shoulder' magazine on WSPU
Shoulder to Shoulder was a six-part series produced by the BBC in 1974 by Verity Lambert telling the story of the Suffragettes. The programme focussed on Lady Constance Lytton shows the moment at

Attempts to tell the story
The Box In My Room (and The Bag) by Lucy Neal Mary, we can assume, had completed her autobiography by the time she left Littlehampton in 1940. With air bombing raids along the south coast she

'How Did You Think it Was' by Roy Dommett
Roy Dommett spent a great deal of time putting together the traces of Mary Neal's story in 1970s and 1980s. He was her champion at a time when there were few around."She had all the good

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