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  • 1888-1895
  • 1888
    Clara Sophia travels to London to join the Wesleyan West London Mission in Cleveland St. ‘to serve the poor’. She becomes ‘Sister Mary’ and is given the role of running the Mission’s Girls Club.

    Emmeline Pethick (EPL/1867-1954) joins the sisterhood. MN writes in 4th annual West London Mission report, beginning a career as a writer and journalist. She falls ill with tuberculosis and EP takes on the Girls Club. MN recuperates briefly at parental home in Bournemouth before returning to London. They undertake holidays to the sea and countryside for the working girls.

    First annual Girls’ Club holiday in Bisley, Gloucestershire

    Mary writes ‘A Living Wage’ and helps to raise funds the Yorkshire Miners’ strike. She supports wives of miners on a protest visit to London and travels back to Yorkshire with them.
    Sept: 2nd annual Girls’ Club holiday in Bisley.

    The Mission Club celebrates its annual traditional Christmas Party. A new translation of St Francis inspires Mary and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence to re-assess how poverty can be one’s ‘bride’. They fail to persuade the Mission of their shared vision. With strong socialist principles, they are branded ‘that element’.